Good FridayGood Friday Wishes: Holy Easter Friday Messages, Quotes

Good Friday Wishes: Holy Easter Friday Messages, Quotes


Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday or Black Friday signifies the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. It is a day of solemn mourning. Below are the Good Friday Wishes: Holy Easter Friday Messages, Quotes

 Good Friday, the good- bad day. The day when Jesus Christ was crucified, the man who sacrificed his life so that we could be free from all the sins. This day we all forget all the anger and hatred for each other and spread love and joy. So let us share some of the amazing wishes with our loved ones. Below are the Good Friday Wishes: Holy Easter Friday Messages, Quotes

  • It is the revival that makes Good Friday good.
  • He drained the cup of the bone of God’s wrath, giving us not a single drop to drink.
  • The day our mind starts remembering the divine and starts taking an interest, That day our troubles will go away from us. 

✝✝✝May God Bless You.

✝✝✝ Happy Good Friday.

  • The one who improves the spoiled vehicles is called the mechanic. The one who improves spoiled machines is called an engineer. The person who corrects the deteriorated body is called a doctor, But the one who improves bad luck is called God. Lord Jesus be ever gracious to you.
  • Whether there is much relationship in life or not, But in every relationship, it is very important to have each other’s togetherness and love Happy Good Friday.
  • We all have seen the work that Christ has done for us when he was alive, but Christ has done for us even after death, so believe in Christ and just keep doing good deeds.
  • It feels good when someone misses you,  It feels better when someone loves you so much,  But the best is when they don’t forget you … Jesus Christ never forgets you. Happy good Friday.
  • Perhaps the story of Good Friday is about how God will die in our sin-accounting business now.
  • We can say that on the afternoon of the first Good Friday, that great work was accomplished by which light overcame darkness and good overcame sin. It is the wonder of our Savior’s cross.
  • So shall we prepare our Lord’s disciples to believe in Him, despite the crucifixion, and our allegiance to Him in His dark days, when we shall enter His victory in His days, His light?
  • By the cross, we are also crucified with Christ; But is alive in Christ. We are no more rebels, but servants; No more servants, but sons!
  • Yes, the crucifix and crucified Christ of Calvary certainly speaks, God cares, God wants to share, God wants to bear your sins and your sufferings.
  • 2000 years ago, a man was found from a tree, saying how good it would be if everyone was nice to each other for a change.
  • Those who bare themselves of our sins in their bodies on the tree, that we are dying for sins, must live for righteousness by whom you were healed.
  • Jesus Christ has risen today, Alleluya!  Our victorious holy day, Alleluya! Who did it once on the cross, Alleluya!  Suffer to capitalize on our loss. Alleluya
  • Good Friday is a symbol of our Jesus’ slaughterhouse, the immaculate Lamb, an absolute sacrifice. He confessed our crime and blamed himself.
  • Good Friday, the way to the cross. Fasting and moderation…. Test conscience. It is a blessed day indeed.
  • May Lord showers bundles of happiness in your life and protects you from all the sins
  • I wish that this sacrifice of our lord keep us motivated to always follow the right path. Happy Good Friday to you.
  • For the sake of our happiness, he was crucified. It gives us the lesson to live for others and let humanity spread in the entire world. Happy Good Friday.
  • I wish that God’s kindness always be on your head.
  • I can only wish that you may achieve success in every path. You are blessed with every happiness.  God loves you so much.
  • The time was full of darkness, all were in deep sorrow and pain then comes an angel who sacrificed himself for the betterment of the lives of others. He is our Jesus.  We love him and he loves us. Follow his path. Happy good Friday.
  • My only wish for you is may God gives you everything that you have desired for. God bless you. happy good Friday

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