Best Quotes25+ Best Relationship Status And Quotes For Whatsapp

25+ Best Relationship Status And Quotes For Whatsapp


Here are the Relationship Status and Quotes – Cute, New and Best

1.       Relationship starts from a cute friendship.

2.       When I call you for no reason it means I miss you, and when I don’t it means I am waiting for you to miss me.

3.       I fall everyday for you. You are the only reason why I am with you.

4.       Destiny plays the important role in everyone’s life. It makes us friend from a stranger, and sometime it turns our friendship to a relationship.

5.       No one says that relation is easy. Because they know that how easy is to enter in a relation, and how difficult is to be in a relationship.

6.       No matter how bad we say to each other. No matter how long we live without each other. If our love is true and we live only for each other, we’ll come close definitely.

7.       We love, we fight, we keep distance, we make close. Whatever we do we never think for isolation. This is a true love affair.

8.       Life partner only wants your focused attention, not you diamond, not money, not anything else.

———– Relationship Status and Quotes ———–

9.       A morning and good night messages are not just messages. It means I think only for you every time.

10.     Saying sorry even you didn’t made mistake is the silent way to say that you value your relationship more than your ego.

11.     I want only you on my wedding to stand beside me, do that  we get married.

12.     Every relationship comes under a struggling period, only strong relationship have the calibre to go through it.

13.     The reason behind our strong relationship is our conversation.

14.     I love those moments that we had when we were best friends, because those moments are the reason for our relationship.

15.     When you cry it hurts, when you smile it makes me happy, but when we get apart it’s like I am in hell.

16.     If there is trust between us, the relationship between us will be formed automatically.

17.     I  get in a smiley mode whenever I see you.

18.     I want to be a reason behind your smile and never want to be a reason behind your tears.

19. If we are together then we are made to be forever.

20. Real relationship is the one which has insults in loving more to each other.

21. Not all can have you I am the only one to be yours

22. Respect, trust, love  are the pillar of the relationship.

23. A girl is like a rose, she will remove all the thorns of your life and will give you the love like Petal.

24.  Relationships are the mess that you willingly create.

 And ofcourse  Relationships can be a heaven but you can’t make it.

25. When it’s come to you and me then we are only ONE.

26. I want you to love me for being ME

27. A good FRIENDSHIP can lead to wonderful RELATIONSHIP.

28. Stop FIGHTING and start FLIRTING.

29. When you are the reason behind someone’s smile you have done a good job.

30. We are creators, we are the destroyers

       We are saviours we are the LOVER’S

31. being in a relationship makes you feel so good

32. At Right time, right place, with right person

Can give your life the right mode.

33. To love someone is to love them with all the darkness in them.

34. Some relationships are really inspiration and OUR is my favourite.

35. Sometimes your little act or love and care can bring ne back.

36 lots of love, less worries is the kind of relationship we have.

37. We love, we hate that’s what we are!!

———– Relationship Status and Quotes ———–

38. To be with someone like you makes me feel proud.

39. You are mine forever mine.

40. We are WE!! WE ARE US!!

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