Best Quotes50+ Best Romantic Love Status, Quotes & Messages

50+ Best Romantic Love Status, Quotes & Messages


Sometimes just saying “I love you” is not enough to express your feelings towards his/her. Sometime situation demands more. We should try to find out something different to show his/her what you think about him or her.

Best Romantic Love Status, Quotes & Messages

1.       I found myself in your heart and it’s heaven to be There.

2.       I can’t stop loving you.

3.       Heart do love, but brain makes it complicated.

4.       Your smile is everything for me.

5.       Looking at you gives comfort to my poor heart

 6.      Why you always come back? Is real love.

7.       I have made many mistakes, but after meeting you, I felt that maybe I have done a good job.

8.       When I say “I” it means “you”.

9.       When I see you , my heart beats even more Faster.

10.     I want to live with you and want to give you the entire happiness of the world.

11.     All I need is you.

——– Best Romantic Love Status, Quotes & Messages ———-

12.     When you say “you hate me”, it actually means “you love me”.


14.     If you love me infinity, I love you infinity + 1.

15.     I can die for you, is not the real love. I live only for you, is the real love.

16.     Whenever I think about you and suddenly your message arrive, there is no limits of my happiness.

17.     Whenever “why we love each other” comes between us, there love ends. And whenever “why we don’t love each other” comes, there love story turns on a new adventurous life.

18.     The only four letter word I know is ‘LOVE’.

19.     Between us, there are no “sorry” and no “thank you”, between us is only “LOVE”.

20.     No matter we love or not. We “care” for each other, this is love.

——– Best Romantic Love Status, Quotes & Messages ———-

21.     The four most beautiful word is  LOVE, the most important for me is YOU,

22.     Whenever I think about you I smile.  You are the reason behind my SMILE.

23.     Whenever you failed to describe why you love him/her, it means there is no limit of your love.

24.     After break up, I am deficient in the vitamin “U”.

25.     When I looked at my keyboard, I saw U and I together.

26.     Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is difficult when you use your brain.

27.     Whenever there is a matter of love, there is no use of brain.

28.     Fights are the main reason in increment in love.

29.     Loving you is neither my choice, nor my need it’s my duty.

30.     Love is the only word that can never be explained.

31.     Another home for me is your ARM.

32.     Break your relationship but never break talks.

33.     When we hug, we don’t need to talk because our hearts are talking.

34.     Be the type of person you want to love.

35.     Every love story is beautiful but ours is my all time favourite.

36.     I don’t know why I love you, I just love you.

——– Best Romantic Love Status, Quotes & Messages ———-

37.     I love to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go.

38.     I want to take you beyond the stars, where only you and me exists.

39.     Doing experiments in your love can makes your love adventurous.

40.     Love makes “you and me”, “we”.

41.     Loving a person with their looks is lust, but loving a person with their soul is pure love.

42.     I may have so many girl friends, but I love only one. –YOU

43.     Love is not being gf and bf, it is about caring a person without knowing who is he/she.

44.     I love you in every language.

45.     I am me, you are you. When we get together it makes us perfect us.

46.     Love cannot be explained, but can be demonstrated.

47.     Love is the journey where there is no finish line.

48.     Love with your heart. Your heart will always be young.

49.     Engineers can never make the scale to measure the love.

50.     I always thank the god for such a beautiful present like you.

51.     Life gives us a second chance, called tomorrow. I want every today and tomorrow only with you.

——– Best Romantic Love Status, Quotes & Messages ———-

52.     If someone asks me, what is the most important thing in your life? I’ll answer your smile. Because you are my life and your smile is everything for me.

53.If love is done only once and if that love is you then once is enough

54.I love you and I only need you.

55.You are exactly what I wanted.

56.For me, love is you

57.Your love is magical.

58. When it’s the matter of hearts keep your brain shut.

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