Best Quotes100+ Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes

100+ Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes [2020]


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Sometimes sharing some funny status is necessary to sharpen the sense of humor.

  • Roses are red , bro if you have a gf you are financially dead. <—— Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes ——->


  • If you want to make wrong decisions in your life, then come take my advice.


  • Worlds biggest lie, girl like boys who plays guitar bcz I play guitar from 3 years and I m still single.


  • Green ,it’s a test , if the word green looks red then you will be single this year too.


  • Others have cousins to play and to have fun and my cousins are only use just to compare my marks.


  • My life is exactly like a lays chips packet, you want chips but you get air and I want happiness and I get nothing


  • My anger is just like my underwear , I wore it but never show to anyone.


  • I was very happy then someone shouted tomorrow is Monday .


  • I murdered my cousin because he advice me to do engineering.


  • Some of my biggest mistakes in my life : alcohol, drugs, engineering.


  • I was very happy until I saw you.


  • There are internet in my grand parents era too they call it libraries.

 <—— Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes ——->

  • I lost my heart when I first saw your Instagram pics , then I saw your adhaar card .


  • if you see this emoji smiling then congratulations you have a crush on me.


  • Mind you own business because you need mind to mind your own business.


  • Someone advised me do what you are good at , by the way, I am still sleeping.


  • My gf didn’t remember the comb that she use today but she remember the words which I told to her 3 years ago at 5 PM.


  • Yesterday I was in a 5 star hotel with my friends and I saw the bill there is one line, “breath taking charges 100 $.


  • I have a gf not beacause I want it, I have it beacause she wants a bf.


  • Peoples are trying to find true love and I am trying to remember where I put my guitar plectrum
  • peoples are planning there future and here is me who are trying to save the school from terrorist attack in my imagination.


  • I am on a beach with my gf holding each others hand and there Is love everywhere and then I woke up.


  • I don’t have any account on fb, insta and whats app beacause I have an account in my real life.

 <—— Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes ——->

  • My relatives have a secret superpower which informs them when my result comes.


  • I don’t like to do formality that’s why I never ask my relatives to stay at my home.


  • She told me to change myself and leave the laziness, I still miss her.


  • Time is precious, love me.


  • I will make a video on 101 ways to waste your time.


  • I don’t have a gf because I like to listen that krrr krrr sound which atm machine makes while whidrawl money instead of I love you. behind every successful men there is a greedy women.


  • The most heart breaking thing is when your downloading stops at 99percent .


  • There is a love triangle between my phone, charger and my bed.


  • love yourself because you don’t have options.


  • I am not running from hard work, the hard work is running from me.


  • Teacher ask me that what is the most uncomfortable zone , I replied with my broken heart, its friendzone.


  • God gave you a beautiful life don’t waste it on your bf, try me


  • Hey you useless person again come to read my status


  • I am that kind of a filter which filter all of your sadness and as a result I will give you happiness.


  • Some person sed me I will not good at engliss bot I dednt thought that .


  • Never judge me, by my looks.


  • if being ugly is a crime, then police will arrest you.

 <—— Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes ——->

  • .2..3..smile please .


  • I have never seen a free person like you, you are still reading my status.


  • She ask me to be her smartphone but I became a book.


  • There is an error in your mind! You cant read this status.


  • I am still finding that imaginary gf that always come whenever I listen romantic songs.


  • I don’t go to gym because I don’t want to steal your girl.


  • She told me to do exercise but I love extra fries.


  • hey you! Yes you! The one who is reading this, your breakup is about to happen.


  • I dont mind if you propose me.


  • they told me to give high five I give it to their face .

  • I was very intelligent until maths comes to my life.


  • I have just founded something under my shoe, it’s a wrapper ,don’t worry it isnt your attitude .


  • My ex is a double faced person and both of her faces are ugly.


  • I am in a relationsleep .


  • I am writing a book upon my achievements and every page consist of one word, “nothing”


  • she told me to give her that last slice of pizza otherwise she will gonna leave me, I rally miss her!


  • My friend should sell there brains because they never use it.


  • Hey there! I am using my brain.


  • Me : why don’t you use one thing, she : what?, me : your mind.


  • I want to kill the ugliest person alive, but I cant kill you .


  • O M G! Just look at your face, you are so ugly .


  • Hey there! I am not using whatapp .


  • Roses are red sky is blue, I have a gf and its you.

 <—— Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes ——->

  • The government reminds me my ex, every word they say is a lie.


  • You are Beautiful…here, Beautiful = ugly.


  • I todays era the ignorance is measured in, “seen “


  • In todays era WTF means, whats app, twitter, facebook.


  • save water, drink beer! That’s our moto.


  • I searched on google that which machine makes my crush fall in love with me, google replied, “ ATM”.


  • You cant understand my jokes, That’s why I didn’t write it.


  • Hey there! You are fucked up.


  • Will you be my juliet, I will be your romeo.


  • Womens can debate on any topics except GK.


  • You have two options , propose me Or say I love you.


  • In this world full of ranbeer kapoor be someones ranveer singh.


  • Worlds biggest lie : you get a job after engineering.


  • I don’t propose a girl because I know how I look .


  • In this world full of cold I will be your moisterriser .


  • There are two types of people , first one is mentioned in second point and second one is mentioned in first point.


  • Hey you! Yes you! Your smile is so Beautiful that it always reminds me that, why brushing your teeth is very important.


  • In this world full of abibas, I will be your addidas.


  • In this new year, try me .


  • You are not fat, your figure is so perfect that it always reminds me a basket


  • “I drink coffee because I like it “ , there is no joke in it, you free person do your work, Go .


  • Hey there! You are wasting your time .


  • Hey there! I am using your gf.


  • Hey you! Yes you! You can do anything, except: studying, making gf , getting job .


  • I am still trying to find that imaginary ghost who see me in the night when I am sleeping.


  • I have an idea which can make you laugh, and the idea is that… “ Go see your face in the mirror “ .


  • There is an compliment for you, “ when you cover your face properly, you look so Beautiful .


  • I am so hard working that I always works hard to do nothing.


  • I am a VIP, that means, Vellaa, idiotic, person .


  • There is an tough competition between me and bill gates, he tries to make more money and I try to make more sleep.


  • There must be a special kind of a death law for those peoples whose whats app status is, “ hey there I am using whatapp “, OMG I thaught you are using twitter in whatsApp, lol .


  • When someone says, I am going from your life, don’t force them to stay, instead of this kick there a$$ and say, “pehli fursat me nikal ”.


  • No love no pain, know love know pain.

 <—— Best Funny WhatsApp Status and Quotes ——->

  • There is a very small Intelligence gap between you and me, and that gap is as equal as the gap between land and sky.


  • There must be a special kind of a death law for those peoples who still uses elephant and ant in there jokes .


  • I love my dog because he never insults me, whenever I ask him how my nature is and he always replies with, “WOW”.


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