Best QuotesTop 50+ Farewell Quotes For Seniors For 2021

Top 50+ Farewell Quotes For Seniors For 2021


Farewell Quotes For Seniors

Farewell, adieu, goodbye, aloha all sums up to one thing leaving. Here are some messages you could share with your friends, seniors to express your feelings. Below are the Farewell Quotes For Seniors.

Wish your seniors awesome Farewell Quotes.

  1. Goodbye my friend, let’s meet now and then, for our times together are worth it
  2. It’s nice to have people to whom I can say goodbye.
  3. We leave one place to go to the other, and thus we are leaving and see you all soon
  4. To the best of times I spent with you, thank you for giving me the best times
  5. How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh)

  1. I have promised to leave here and Journey the endless so I say goodbye to our beautiful time
  2. We had numbered days in our hands, and I have infinite memory of them, that I will cherish
  3. Be brave and move on with life, a few goodbyes will give you many hellos
  4. Our time was like the fairytale and it has to come to an end
  5. To move forward, few goodbye have to be shed, for these make us who we are today
  6. Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  7. Every goodbye leads to the next chapter of life
  8. It’s not a goodbye, it’s “see you soon”
  9. Remember our times together, we will soon unite into the path of forever
  10. Having all our loved ones in one place is impossible, that’s why people come and go
  11. As long as the memory of our moments stay, you’ll be in my heart
  12. I’ve said goodbyes before and found an amazing company, guess this goodbye will lead to better
  13. Let’s move on and let the place be filled, so you’d not miss us for the empty places, but you’d miss us for the empty space in your hearts
  14. We spent years together and will cherish it forever, see you soon
  15. It’s not a goodbye, call me whenever and I’ll still help you hide the body you killed
  16. Remember me when someone does the things I do
  17. We are parting ways today, that meets at every now and then, so all you have to do is JUST BE
  18. You need not talk to me daily, You need not remember me, but let me the first person to tell when you’re in trouble
  19. Goodbye and safekeeping are same, we keep our memories safe
  20. Until next time — Farewell Quotes For Seniors —-
  21. You’ll be a part of my life wherever I go
  22. We started with hello, made some memories and now it’s time for goodbye
  23. I’ll stare at our pics from time to time thinking about the best moments in life
  24. No matter when I see our old pics I exactly remember how I felt
  25. I’m grateful for everything I got in this chapter of my life
  26. When I see you again, I’ll exactly go back to the moment we did crazy
  27. We’ll meet again, until then if you need anything, you know where to find me
  28. Parting ways not lives, so I’ll still hate your enemies and kill them for you
  29. We had so much fun, that we did not recognize how time ran away
  30. We created memories without knowing we were creating them
  31. It’s not the end, but the beginning of a long distance relationship
  32. No matter how far we are, there will be a part of me that you’ll always have
  33. We taught each other a lot of things, so let’s say goodbye and use it wisely
  34. It’s good we are taking a break
  35. If you ever feel sad, don’t worry I gave enough memories to chew on, for the rest of your life
  36. This will be my happy chapter in life
  37. I had you all and everything else, and I’m grateful for that
  38. I’m out of words, every person taught me something that I’m taking to the next life, I wish you all happiness
  39. We fought, cried, loved and now parting our ways, to all the best times
  40. I love you all
  41. Bella ciao
  42. Beautiful goodbyes are the best memories
  43. It’s good we had time together, now lets think about it
  44. Goodbye all, make the future happen
  45. Take care of yourselves when I’m not with you

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